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jiyo health jiyo healt

This is our healthy balanced meal, designed for an average adult (~650 calories). The meal is designed to ensure the meal has the right level and proportions of carbs, proteins, fat and other nutrients.

The menu consists typically of a salad, two vegetable dishes, a dal variation, chapathis / phulkas/paranthas, a rice item, a curd based serving and to finish a healthy dessert. The menu is changed on a daily basis – and covers themes spanning North Indian, South Indian, Continental and Chinese.

The meal is cooked scientifically – without any deep frying, with just the basic needed masalas and spices and keeping salt levels to minimum. The ingredients used are only those that promote good health – brown or red rice is used instead of polished white rice, refined products like maida and sugar are avoided, high fiber grains like millets are used regularly.

The benefits of Jiyo Health – as has been vouched for by hundreds of our customers so far – includes no side effects on the digestive system, no acidity/flatulence and always providing a good healthy feeling without being drowsy or heavy.

jiyo manage jiyo manage

This is an upgrade option available to the users who need personalized meals to cater to any specific health condition. The condition could include Diabetes, high levels of Cholesterol, Thyroid, Uric Acid etc. Subscribers of Jiyo Manage will get personally evaluated by our health experts before starting the plan and a menu plan will be designed specifically for their health and lifestyle needs.

We provide lunch and dinner options for the above two products.

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