Our Wholesome Nutritionally Balanced Meal Pack


Calorie Controlled

We measure and monitor everything that goes into our recipes, resulting in food that conforms to strict nutritional requirements. Our standard healthy meals are around 650 Kcals and personalized meals are tailored to individuals calorie needs.

Healthy Ingredients

We have a strict policy of no refined products (like maida, white rice and sugar) or trans fats in our recipes (or for that matter even in our kitchen). All the food is prepared from whole grains, healthy oils and jaggery. What results is a dish that is low on glycemic index, high on fibers and keeps you healthy and energetic

Scientifically Cooked

Deep frying, refrying or cooking in high temperatures are a strict NO. Instead, we steam, grill and bake our dishes. This preserves all the healthy nutrients and prevents addition of harmful compounds to the food. Our chef is paranoid about freshness of produce that goes in, so no frozen items, all vegetables chopped immediately before cooking.

Nutritionally Balanced

All our meals have the right balance of macro and micro nutrients. So the right proportions of carbs, fats and proteins and rotation of micro nutrients (phytonutrients), to get you all that your body needs. We rotate our legumes, use veggies from different colour groups. You even get different rice and chapati everyday.

What our customers are saying

  • I have recently committed to living a healthy lifestyle and have started watching what I eat. I have subscribed to Jiyo Natural's meal plan for lunch. They are fast, convenient, hassle-free and most importantly, superb with their food quality, consistency, and delivery. I like the fact that they under-promise and over-deliver and would recommend them to all office-goers who need a healthy meal option. I love the variety, taste, cooking method and hygiene of the food they serve.

    Manoj Deshpande Novozymes
  • I have been a lover of your food and here's my recommendation for others: "I have been craving for this kind of food ever since I have been working. One usually gets the oily, spicy and similar kind of food everyday in companies. JiyoNatural lives up to it's expectation. I am happy to have food that is handpicked, washed, cleaned properly. I am a sweet lover and their sweets are really healthy, tasty, it contains no ghee and use jaggery and not white sugar. The chapatis are multigrain and high in fiber. I have been having this food for more than a month now and I can say I am not bored at all and relish it. Go natural, Jiyo Natural!!!!"

    Ankur Jain Bloomreach
  • Hi Team, Todays lunch was just awesome. Bhindi was very soft and Arbi masala was just outstanding and delicious to the core... i can say the best dish i ever had :) Keep going on innovating like this... also please gimme the recipe of the Arbi dish if its ok with you, i totally loved this subz... :) :) :)

    Swathi Pathange Metric Stream
  • With research proving that organic produce has more nutrient content and how pesticides pollute our waters and soil, people are making the leap to not just healthier choices, but to those that are great tasting ones as well. They are doing it for their own well-being as well as for their family’s. Jiyo Natural provides such healthy and tasty food and I am a proud subscriber to their food. The food is tasty, has ample variety and is healthy as well. Thank you Jiyo Natural.

    Ravi Teja AriveGuru Technology Solutions pvt ltd
  • Jiyo Natural is becoming quite a hit in office here .Our new team members are taking a great liking to the tasty and healthy food - and are all keen to subscribe the Jiyo Health lunch meal.

    Janardhan Jairam Boston Consulting Group